Launch of Shakti Vita

Shakti Vita was launched in the open market in Raichur and Kalburgi Districts in December 2020.


We thank TATA Trusts for supporting this innovative, path breaking initiative and are grateful to Hutti Gold Mines Ltd for their support under CSR which has helped to brand the product and create awareness among the people.


We are thankful to Ms. Rini Dutta, CEO of Centric Brand Advisors LLP, our marketing Consultant, for having guided us throughout this journey.


Congratulations to the KHPT team for their hard work and commitment, in spite of all the hurdles and restrictions during the pandemic and thereafter. The team is determined to make the initiative very successful.


Shakti Vita has been very well received by the people. The consumers like its taste and natural flavour and the people of Raichur are very proud that Shakti Vita is manufactured by their own Self Help Groups.